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[12 Dec 04] Office hours during exams Based on your requests, I have added another afternoon for questions: Thursday, Dec. 16th from 1:00-4:00 PM in addition to Tuesday from 1:00-4:00, both in my office in W360. If anyone can't make it during one of these times, please let me know.

[10 Dec 04] Exam schedule You can check your final exam schedule here. You may wish to read my exam writing advice.

[9 Dec 04] Office hours I will be in my office (Chem W360) from 1:00 - 4:00 on Tuesday Dec. 14th. I can be available at other times as well - just ask.

[7 Dec 04] Sample questions from the last part of the course (after the midterm) may be found here.

[25 Oct 04] Some answers to the practice midterm questions are here. Room assignments for the midterm are here.

[20 Oct 04] More practice problems are now available on the PHGA website. You can login using the student access code that came with your textbook. Click here for the PHGA site.

[20 Oct 04] Practice midterm questions are here.

[8 Oct 04] Some important polyatomic ions you should know are here.

[27 Sept 04] Answers to sample quiz questions are here.

[23 Sept 04] Some sample quiz questions are posted here. The quiz will cover material from Chapters 2 and 9.

[13 Sept 04] Suggested end-of-chapter exercises are listed here. These are not for grading; however, it is strongly recommended that you do as many of these as possible.


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polyatomic ions

Molecule of the month: tetramminecopper(2+)

Last month: dihydrogen