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Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causus

philosophy and The Matrix

a visual tour of the elements

sodium party

junk science

alchemy dictionary

orbital viewer (free download; used in class)

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molecules with silly names

links for first-year chemistry


updated September 7, 2004


Unofficial final grades You can check your course grade here. Official final grades are those that appear on your transcript. Have a Merry Christmas.

For the majority of you that are serious about getting an education, good luck in your future endeavours. Remember, think about things. Information alone is not knowledge, and knowledge alone is not understanding.

For those of you that aren't serious and don't care to use that mushy pink thing between your ears - you can believe whatever you want to believe. Wishing you luck won't change a thing.

Practice final exam questions are here. You might also like to have a look at this amusing site about sodium and water. Thanks to L. Davies for the link. [Nov. 30, 2003]

Second practice midterm A selection of questions that I have used previously can be found here. [Nov. 1, 2003]

Exam writing advice and more At one time, I had a "molecule of the week" section. Here are a pair of entries that are relevant to the course so far: water and tetrammine copper(2+) ion. Also, you might like to consult my advice on writing exams. [Sept. 29, 2003]

Sample midterm added I have added a sample midterm here. Sorry, I won't be supplying an answer key to this one - after all, it's meant to simulate a real exam, where you don't have the answers. Try the questions. Check the answers in the textbook or in the lecture notes. If you're still unsure of the answer, ask me or the lecture help TA's. [Sept. 16, 2003]

Well, here it is, at long last. Sorry about the wait. I intend to add new materials every few days. Right now you will find a copy of the course outline, and in a few days a sample first midterm. Stay tuned! [Sept. 15, 2003]