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Sixty from Sixty: Cars and consumer products form the early to mid sixtiesThe Old Car Manual Project Presents... Sixty from Sixty

Using archival footage of cars from the early Sixties, we've put together a unique look at automotive history into DVD format, playable in your home DVD player or computer DVD-ROM. More information...

Assembled from over an hour of factory promo films, vintage TV ads and other classic footage, this documentary is an invaluable addition to any enthusiast's collection.

By purchasing this DVD you will help keep the Old Car Manual Project online and allow us to expand the range of technical information and services that we present online. More about TOCMP...


Three 1960 Ford cars
The New 1960 Fords

This short film introduces the "Wonderful, Beautiful New World of Fords" for 1960, and showcases the Thunderbird, Galaxie and the new compact Falcon.


The 1960 Corvair in Action
1960 Corvair

"The Corvair in Action" focusses on the practicality, durability and safety of the new Corvair. This film has lots of scenes of Corvairs going off-road and fording streams. It even has a demonstration of how difficult it is to get the car to roll over, and how well it holds up in crashes.

A 1960 Cadillac at the 1961 General Motors Motorama
1961 General Motors Motorama

For every Motorama there was a film made that was meant to capture the spirit of that particular show. "Design for Dreaming" is pretty strange for a car commercial, but it does feature shots of the 1961 full-size Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick and Cadillac as well as the Corvair wagon, the rear-transaxle Pontiac Tempest, the Oldsmobile F85 wagon and the Buick Special.

Mustang I prototype car
Mustang Design

The film "Styling and the Experimental Car" discusses the work of the automotive stylist, and highlights several "Dream Cars" such as the Allegro fastback, Cougar II, Aurora wagon and the Mustang I. It finishes with some nice footage of the outcome of this process, the Ford Mustang, and shows how the concept car features were incorporated into the final product. Gadgets like a digital speedometer, location indicator map and a constant speed device are introduced.

1966 Chevrolet Caprice
1966 Chevrolet Cars

This is a two-part feature called "Impact 66" made for dealers to introduce the new 1966 Chevy models and the selling points to use. It compares Chevrolets to other makes, notably the Ford LTD and the Plymouth VIP. There are shots of many Chevy cars, including the Chevy II, Corvair and Corvette. Particularily interesting is the detailed coverage of the features of the car such as the new 396 and 427 engines. Also, there are scenes of an auto wrecking yard with some great old cars in it, scenes of the Yellow Cab fleet of Chevy II's in Los Angeles and a figure-8 race track with some nice crashes.

Also featured in "Sixty from Sixty"

TV ads for Goodyear tires, the Volkswagen Beetle, 1967 AMC full-size wagons, 1963 Chevrolet, 1963 Oldsmobile 98, AMOCO unleaded gas, ESSO gas and more

Radio ads for 1964 and '65 Plymouths, Plymouth Barracuda, 1960 Studebaker Lark and AC spark plugs

More about the DVD...

Sixty from Sixty DVD $9.95 + 1.95 shipping/handling

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Sixty from Sixty

is playable on DVD players in North America and Japan (NTSC format). It is produced on DVD-R media, and is 76 minutes in length. More information...

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Screencap: Impact 66 - 1966 Chevies

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